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Patricia Dorff, Editorial Director, CFR Publishing, Council on Foreign Relations, New York Link Taal Studio is a terrific language center that I would highly recommend for anyone interested in learning Dutch, whether it’s a beginner’s course or advance study. Anja can put together a program tailored just for your needs. I signed up for a one-week beginner’s course in Dutch when I came to the Netherlands on holiday, and it was one of the top (and most fun) things I did there. Anja set up a lesson plan that included an introduction to the Dutch language but also a bit of Dutch history and culture. Her colleague, Sanne, was my teacher. I’ve taken many introduction language courses in other countries, but Sanne was one of the best teachers that I’ve ever had. He was always prepared with that day’s lesson but flexible enough to go off on tangents when I had questions. I only had a few hours every day that week to study, but I felt that I learned so much. Thanks to both Anja and Sanne! April 14-18, 2014

Lola Debersaques, Staff core Audit - Sustainability and Integrated Reporting at Deloitte Nederland
I have followed private Dutch courses with Anja, and this with great pleasure.
Anja makes the courses friendly and pleasant. She is always open for any topics and is interested in what you are doing in life.
She chose good books to articulate the course, especially Taal Tempo, which is a good book to become more fluent in Dutch!
I appreciate her patience and conviviality! In two months time i made really good progress and I thank her for that!less
June 27, 2013 

Yvonne Lu, Freelance Digital Designer
I have studied beginners level I, II, and an intensive course at Anja's studio and couldn't have asked for a better teacher in the Dutch language. Anja is great at being educational as she's very attentive to one's understandings and needs. I've never found the classes dull and they're always held in a tempo that suits me and and the other students.On top of it all, Anja is a very likeable person. I can't but highly recommend Link Taal Studio.
June 12, 2013


Courtenay Mc Hugh, Experienced Supply Chain Manager

I have had the pleasure of taking Dutch lessons with Anja for several months. I have been surprised at how much I have learned and how much more comfortable I feel speaking Dutch now, especially since I consider myself to be 'bad' at language learning. Anja's coaching has helped me build confidence in speaking Dutch not only with waiters and shopkeepers, but also with my Dutch colleagues and friends - something I was previously too self-conscious to do. It is easy to recommend her services to anyone looking for high-quality language instruction at a good value.

March 28, 2013

Lynne Lino, BI & Analytics professional
I have been taking private Dutch lessons from Anja, for the last 6 months, and she has been an absolute pleasure to learn from. Her skill in making information sink in using a variety of methods is second to none. I have used a few other trainers in the past for Italian, (easier to learn than Dutch) but did not get the extensive tutoring that Anja provides. She makes me want to go to class because I know it won't be boring or stressful - we have fun in class and I leave each session knowing so much more than when I walked in the door. I would recommend Anja (and have already done so) to anyone looking to learn Dutch. You will not be disappointed

February 28, 2013,


Adinda Simandjuntak
I believe that Anja is the ideal language teacher --- she is patient, relaxed and will put you at ease, yet she pays sharp attention to details, and knows exactly how to correct your mistakes and help you learn from them.Her years of experience shows in her attitude and approach. She progresses through material smoothly, never making students feel overwhelmed. I really appreciate this because we all know learning grammar can seem overwhelming and daunting. I've had both group and private lessons, and both experiences are equally wonderful. You never feel lost or ignored in group classes, Anja is very focused on each student's weaknesses and strengths. I also enjoy very much the Children's Book Club -- it is a truly fun and effective way to learn the nuances of the language. We read a new children's book together every week, in which Anja will explain new vocabulary and highlight a grammar theme, and teach conversational phrases for daily life. Highly recommended!!

February 27, 2013


Kevin Panahon, Utilities Solution Architect at Accenture
“Anja is an excellent language teacher who makes learning Dutch interesting. Her expertise shines through in the way she constantly adapts to her pupils' needs by varying the difficulty of lessons or exercises and revisiting challenging topics. For me personally, one of the great benefits of having Anja as a language instructor is the flexibility to have lessons throughout the week at the students' convenience. Though I've not taken an objective language test yet, many people have commented on my improved spoken, written and comprehension skills in Dutch since I've taken lessons with Anja. Expert, Good Value, Creative” 
January 28, 2013 

Leandro Martins, Management Consultant-Contractor
"Anja is, by far, the best language teacher I have ever had. And I have studied a number of languages before. :-) If you are planning to study Dutch in Amsterdam, speak with Anja first! Anja has made Dutch language easy, with her amazingly intelligent style and the ability to adapt techniques and steps in the process to my personal needs. In 1 month with her, I could actually already understand what people were saying on the streets of Amsterdam and I could speak back! In addition to the amazing ability Anja has as a teacher, the classes are so pleasant, she is such an open-minded, curious, smart, sensitive person that it is impossible not to adore the chats with her about anything. She has helped me not only understand Dutch language but also has opened a lot of doors to my understanding of Dutch culture. I was asked on the points above on this page to choose only 3 of the 7 aspects I would highlight of her top attributes. But actually, she deserves the 7 of them highlighted: 1) Great results, 2) Personable, 3) Expert, 4) Good value, 5) On time, 6) High integrity, 7) Creative.” 
October 25, 2012

Jeremy Brook, Global Digital Marketing Capability at Heineken
“Learning a second language as an adult must be a lot like learning to swim as an adult: you are nervous of making mistakes, you don't have as much time to dedicate to it as you would like and you are very keen to skip the difficult parts and get to the enjoyment. Anja at Link Taal understands this better than anyone. She takes extra effort to understand your motivations for study and then designs a programme that takes you smoothly through the right steps, with clear progress milestones and a whole lot of fun throughout. Without forgetting to hide the small but important things in-between. Over the past 12 months I have gone from strength to strength, constantly motivated by Anja with a sensitivity to the other factors going on in my life that mean that progress is constant even when my focus is elsewhere. I am quickly becoming a natural swimmer, not afraid as I was of the deep end and looking forward to future language success!”
August 27, 2012

Aylin Yildrim, ICT-Controller, MASE certificated Network engineer.
Nachdem ich an einigen Einrichtungen Niederländischen Kurs hatte und überhaupt nicht zufrieden war, hat ein Freund mir Anja empfohlen. Er ging selber zur Anja und hatte nach ungefähr drei Monaten Niederländisch gesprochen. Von meinem Unternehmen aus musste ich die NT2 Prüfung bestehen, deshalb nahm ich Privat- und Gruppenunterricht bei Anja. Ich kann nur sagen, dass es sehr effektiv war und nach fünf Monaten fühlte ich mich bereit um die Prüfung zu machen. Tatsächlich habe ich alle vier Fächer bestanden und bin nun sehr glücklich, dass ich das Diplom habe. Vielen Dank fuhr alles, Anja
August 20, 2012

Carlo R. Happersberger, Student an der Universität Mannheim
"I took a Dutch private language course at Link Taal Studio as preparation for my job interview. The administration was very easy and absolutely quick (response Email after one hour). My teacher Anja helped me to analyze my weaknesses and systematically trained them with grammatical exercises as well as dialogues. We further exercised possible interview dialogues and collected important words for the job interview. Altogether I received a very personal and well adapted training which was motivating and fun, as Anja is a very interested, educated and entertaining person. I can fully recommend Link Taal Studio."
August 19, 2012

Chris Zook, a Director at Bain & Company. Author of best-selling business books
"I am an American living in Amsterdam for 5 years. During the past four years I have taken lessons from Anja. We usually have about 1-2 lessons per month on average, sometimes 3, depending on my travel schedule outside of the Netherlands. This summer I am away a lot and we are trying to do lessons with Skype. Anja has been a very fun and effective teacher. I can now read the newspapers and some books and all of the mail I receive. I can make conversation in Dutch except for very complex topics or very fast speaking situations where people have tricky accents. This is much farther than I expected to be by now, and farther than most Americans I know (Americans are not generally so good with languages) who have followed other paths. Anja has been very creative and also very flexible to adapt to both my specific needs, interests, and of course, schedule. I have recommended Anja as a language teacher to a number of colleagues over the years and all have found the same thing. I strongly recommend working with Anja for anyone trying to learn Dutch."
July 13, 2012

Orsola Lapini, Multilingual Corporate Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Consultant
"Anja has been my Dutch teacher. She has always shown high professionalism, strong competencies and also a sincere interest in my learning process. She came up with creative lessons that proved to be interesting and effective. I strongly recommend her as language teacher."
July 3, 2012

Kate Sutherland, Post Doctorate at NKI
"Anja has been my Dutch teacher for a couple of years now. She provides a relaxed learning environment and caters for your personal needs. She provides variety in her lesson structure, which also adds to the enjoyment of learning a second language. I would highly recommend Link Taal Studio!"
August 2, 2011

Rick Hibbert, Post-doc at NKI
"Anja is friendly and professional. She provided excellent language tuition during group classes and as part of private intensive language training. Link Taal is highly recommended."
July 28, 2011

Francesca Castagnetti, Digital Manager - Global Commerce at Heineken Netherlands, Web Manager and Communication Advisor ING Netherlands
"I was recommended to Anja by my manager as I wanted to learn Dutch but was a little discouraged by a not so positive experience encountered at a public institute. My motivation was not strong and felt very insecure about my ability to learn this language, next to a full time job and the effort to adjust to a new culture. After a few weeks with Anja, I really realized I was in the right place: she is very encouraging, she understands the difficulty of working and studying and she makes every lesson fun, light, almost effortless and at the same time you are really learning without realizing...I would definitely recommend her as a language teacher!"
May 29, 2011

Sophie Filangi, Entrepreneur chez A la Bonne Chaise Amsterdam
"Anja makes you learn Dutch and Dutch culture with fun and creativity. I loved it."
May 14, 2009

Mike Mansfield, Senior Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers The Netherlands
"Anja was my Dutch teacher in 2002 for about two years. Thanks to her patience and perseverance I passed my NT2 first time. Anja was very flexible in arranging lessons and made learning Dutch a pleasure. As well as learning grammar we also read newspapers and magazines which was a great way to learn more about the Netherlands."
May 9, 2004